10 Cat Cafes in London and near London that Your Partner Will Love in 2023!


Are you looking for the best cat cafes in London? Eric and I have got you covered! Since we moved to London, we’ve been discovering lots of activities and couldn’t pass on checking out London cat cafes!

As a travel couple, we’ve been exploring cat cafes in several countries including Dublin’s cat cafe, Warsaw’s cat cafe and Porto’s cat cafe! We love going on dates to cat cafes and getting a bunch of snuggles in while we connect together. Actually, the first thing I searched for when we moved to London was “cat cafe London near me”! It turns out, the UK and London have plenty of cat cafes to fill our purrrr cups!

If you’re looking for a London cat cafe or a cat cafe near London, we’ve got you covered in this post with the following points:

  • What is the top cat cafe in London?
  • The best cat cafe London experiences
  • The best cat cafe UK experiences near London
  • Travel tips for visiting the cat cafes in the Big Smoke
  • Everything you need to know as cat lovers London bound
  • Reviews and tips to have the best London day with the cats!


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