20 Sales Email Templates With 60% or Higher Open Rates [+ Bonus Templates]


Does this story sound familiar to you?

You send a sales email to a prospect.

They don’t open it.

That’s it. End of story.

Truth is, if a prospect doesn’t open your email, the deal is over before it even begins. They won’t read your value proposition to understand how your company can help them grow, nor will they give you a chance to warm them up to the idea of buying your product or service. Regardless of your sales strategy, in today’s digital landscape, a sale begins with a great email.

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With only just under 30% of emails getting opened across all industries, it’s important to write a compelling, actionable message that invites a click. It might seem simple, but that opened email can lead to a closed-won deal.

The following templates have 60% or higher open rates, 8% or higher click-through rates, and 30% or higher response rates. I’ve lightly edited the templates so you can tweak them for your industry, market, product, and prospect.

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Happy selling!

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Proven Sales Email Templates

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How many sales introduction emails are you planning to send today? Consider your prospects. They are likely receiving multiple sales emails daily or weekly. There are specific tactics you can implement to get noticed.

1. Introduce yourself.

You can’t assume that your prospect knows anything about you or your company. One of the first things you should do is introduce yourself. It does not have to be an extended introduction. Include your name, your title, and the name of your company, and go from there.

2. Keep it simple.

The longer the email, the easier it is to ignore the content. Keep it simple. Don’t overload your prospects with information. Provide them with an idea and guide them to follow up for more information.

3. Focus on your subject line.

How many times have you decided to open an email based on its subject line? Probably too many times to count. 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line, and 69% use the same factor to report emails as spam. The subject line is one of the most critical parts of an email because it can drive prospects to open or ignore your content.

4. Include a CTA.

Don’t be vague. After receiving a sales email, your prospect should have a clear idea of what the next step is. Are you asking them to respond to an email? Should they reach out with a phone call? Do you need them to schedule a time to speak on your calendar? Include a clear call-to-action in your email so your prospects aren’t left wondering what to do.

Follow up.

You send an email that gets no response. That is not the end of your correspondence. A nonresponse doesn’t automatically mean disinterest. Follow up with your potential prospect. You have to consider a few things. They didn’t receive the email. They’re not incentivized into action yet. Following up is crucial to forwarding the conversation, and you should aim to do it at least two or three times.

Best Sales Email Templates

1. Sales Introduction Email Template

sales email template:  Introduction email template example

If the prospect hasn’t heard of you before, give them a reason to talk to you. Mentioning their goals and showing you did your homework is often enough to pique a buyer’s interest.

Why It Works

In a sales introduction email, you are introducing yourself to a stranger. For most, it is easy to brush off or ignore someone they don’t know. This email template puts you in a position where your prospect might not know you, but they think you know them. By focusing on their goals and success, you can draw them in. As you mention how your company can aid in their success, you can move your company out of the stranger category and potentially facilitate a conversation.

2. Website Visitor Email Template

sales email template: website visitor email example

Based on the prospect’s browsing behavior, you know they’re at least interested in your solution. If you want to capitalize on that interest, position yourself as a trusted advisor who can walk them through the decision-making process and answer questions as they arise.

Why It Works

Without an explicit answer, it is virtually impossible to know why a prospect clicked out of your website. The website visitor email template opens a door to discover where the interest in your products or services ended. It allows you to draw interest back into your company while enticing prospects with the notion that their competitors are using similar methods. It provides them with a direct line of communication into exploring new opportunities with your products or services.

3. New Prospect Email Template

sales email template: New Prospect example

The first touch email is the most important one you’ll send. Like the first template in this list, this email will give your prospect an overview of your company while showing off your knowledge of their organization.

Why It Works

Cold emails are challenging because you’re looking to establish a relationship with someone potentially unaware of both you and your company. The new prospect email template works because it’s not pushing for immediate action, which can cause quick disinterest. Instead, the request is for a conversation to which potential clients will be more open.

4. Recent Voicemail Email Template

sales email template: recent voicemail example

Use the following quick email to reinforce the voicemail you just left. Voicemails are all too easily deleted or forgotten, so following up is critical to ensure you get a response.

Why It Works

It is easy to skip over a voicemail especially when it’s coming from an unknown caller. Prospects are likely to ignore unsolicited messages. The recent voicemail email template is one way to establish the credibility of you and your company. Additionally, some people shy from phone use with a stranger. This email strategy helps your prospect familiarize themselves with you before agreeing to a phone call.

5. Trigger Event Email Template

sales email template: Trigger event example

Strike while the iron is hot. A trigger event gives you a compelling reason to reach out, boosts your credibility by demonstrating you clearly pay attention to what’s happening in their space, and establishes urgency.

Why It Works

Corresponding with a stranger can seem so unexpected that you’re put off by the initial interaction. The trigger event email template allows prospects to bypass this discomfort because you’re reaching out for a reason. This trigger event makes your email seem more valid and less like spam.

6. Requested Demo Email Template

sales email template: Demo request example

This email helps you establish a relationship with the prospect and set the right expectations for the process. If they’re not prepared for a discussion of their company and objectives before the nuts-and-bolts product talk, they might become impatient.

Why It Works

We live in a world of instant gratification. When a prospect requests a demo, they create an idea of when they can expect to receive the information. It is often sooner rather than later. The requested demo email template is necessary for managing expectations. It establishes a timeline and helps form a relationship with your prospect instead of instantly opening and closing the door with the requested demo.

7. Free Tool Or Trial Email Template

sales email template: Free Tool or trial example

Help your prospect get as much out of their free sign-up or trial as possible. Not only will this help them see the value of your product, it also lets you influence their purchasing criteria.

Why It Works

A free trial experience is pivotal. During this time, prospects expect to be wowed by your products or services — wowed enough to commit to paying for them. The free tool or trial email template works because it shows potential clients or customers that you’re on their side. You want them to get the biggest bang for their buck. You want them to succeed. When prospects think your company is willing and able to help them, they are more likely to engage.

8. No Response When Opened Email Template

sales email template: No Response example

The prospect is interested in learning more — after all, they read your message — but they’re either too busy to respond or not interested enough. Get the conversation going again with an explanation of your company’s solution and an offer to give them a demo.

Why It Works

Sometimes a prospect needs a push in the direction of your company. After the initial email, there’s a chance they forgot about your offer. They might not be sure how your company can help them. Remind them. Inform them. A nonresponse doesn’t always mean they’re not interested. The “no response when opened” email template can help your company return to the minds of those who are.

9. Continued Nonresponse Email Template

sales email template: Continued no response example

Heard nothing? Before you give up on this prospect, send a few more resources their way. You’ll add value while simultaneously reminding them your tool might be able to solve a pressing pain point — as it has for their competitors.

Why It Works

After a few tries, you have to consider that your prospect isn’t interested. The continued nonresponse email template works for two reasons. One, it puts your company back into the mind of your prospect. Two, it helps draw them in with resources they can use to propel their goals.

10. Re-engaging A Non-Responder Email Template

sales email template: Re-engaging example

This lighthearted email gives the buyer a chance to change their mind. It’s a great way to re-engage them without guilt-tripping them.

Why It Works

People think there is always time. The door is always open, so there is no haste in action or a decision. The “re-engaging of a non-responder” email works because it forces potential buyers to realize that they are about to miss an opportunity. When it looks like the door is finally closing, they could be motivated into action.

These templates are proven to get results, so what are you waiting for? Incorporate them into your prospecting strategy.

And if you’re still looking for more, you’re in luck. Below, I’ve included bonus email templates for a wider variety of scenarios.

More Email Templates

These don’t have the impressive open rates of the ones above, but they’re still helpful templates to turn to when you need help.

11. Building Rapport Email Template

sales email template: building rapport example

Let’s say your conversation has stalled a bit and you want to keep the momentum going without being too pushy. Try a rapport-building approach.

It requires you to know a little about the person you’re sending an email to — just another reason why it’s important to get to know your prospect in your initial outreach and discovery calls.

Don’t include a business-related ask in this email. Once you get a response, your reply can include an ask that steers the conversation back to the deal in question.

Why It Works

No one wants a ton of offers shoved in their face. If your prospect has lost a bit of interest, the building rapport email template helps slowly draw them back in. Instead of meeting them with an offer for your products or services, asking a question about their business or seeking advice can jump-start the conversation. It also shows your prospect that you’ve paid attention.

12. Taking Action Email Template

sales email template: Taking action example

Sometimes you’ve spent so much time on a deal that you simply need to know if the prospect is interested in moving forward. If they keep rescheduling meetings, missing calls, or pushing for a longer discovery period, it might be time to cut to the chase.

Why It Works

While connecting with a prospect isn’t a waste of time, it could be a waste if they’re dragging their feet and uninterested in your company. The taking action email template works because it compels them to make a decision. If they are disinterested, you can save your resources and end the correspondence or regroup for a different approach. If they are interested and still hope to connect, it confirms that you can go to greater lengths to secure this client.

13. Responding To Content Email Template

sales email template: responding to content example

Prospects like to know you’ve taken a sincere interest in their business. One of the better ways to demonstrate that interest is to take the time to read, understand, and offer constructive guidance based on the content they publish.

Sales email template example for responding to a prospect's content

Why It Works

As shallow as it sounds, people are driven by compliments. Additionally, we always strive to do better. The “responding to content” email template appeals to both. This email will initially catch the eye of your prospect because of its reference to their content. After stroking their ego, you can drive a conversation with the idea of helping them do even better.

14. Congratulating Prospects Email Template

sales email template: congratulating prospects example

Congratulating prospects on their recent achievements is another way to show them that you’ll value them, should your relationship progress. It demonstrates that you see them as more than another brick-in-the-wall potential customer.

Do your research and stay abreast of any milestones they reach. Then, reach out and reference those big-time wins — all with an air of tasteful flattery around your message.

Why It Works

Sales emails typically request something from the prospect — a response or phone call. This email template works because it makes no request. Congratulating your potential clients on achievements puts you in favor with them and keeps a positive relationship open for future pitches.

15. Mutual Contact Reference Email Template

sales email template: Mutual Contact  example

In a lot of ways, sales is the art of cultivating trust with potential customers. One of the better ways to do so is by finding some common ground via mutual connections, peers, or former colleagues.

Taking this angle can add some degree of familiarity with your prospects, put them at ease, and give you a leg up in the trust-building process.

Why It Works

“It’s not what you know, it’s about who you know.” Connections play a substantial role in the business world, and this perception is what makes this email template successful. A mutual contact instantly establishes a level of trust and credibility with a potential client. If there is a perceived connection between you and your prospect, they will be more willing to transform that connection into a relationship.

16. Re-establishing A Connection Email Template

sales email template: Re-establishing a connection example

Sometimes, when prospects go completely dark, you don’t want to go the casual route like in the tenth template in this list. In that case, use the email below to re-establish a connection.

This email is included in our sales email template kit. Download it for free.

Why It Works

Things change. Your prospect might have been uninterested or unprepared to take advantage of your product or services before, but they could be open to hearing about them now. This template reminds them of how your business can benefit them and reopens an avenue for communication.

17. LinkedIn Connection Email Template

sales email template: LinkedIn connection example

If you’ve connected with your prospect on LinkedIn but haven’t yet emailed them, use the below template to begin a conversation. It’s vague, which gives you more space to add details from their LinkedIn profile. Don’t be afraid to point out if you’ve been in their position or role before. That can help you generate empathy.

Why It Works

LinkedIn is a platform for making professional connections. If someone accepts your request, you can assume that they’d be open to hearing from you. The LinkedIn connection email template works because it takes that initial introduction and helps you build from it. Starting the relationship on the networking platform and shifting it into a sales email creates a segue for introducing your company and its benefits.

18. Mutual Alma Mater Email Template

sales email template: mutual alma mater example

Another way you can get your email opened is by referencing your alma mater, if you share one. Most people feel pride in the college they attended, and even if you graduated in different years, you can easily find some common ground.

Why It Works

Many consider graduating from college a significant achievement, and it’s easy to find someone who will boast their institution and graduating year. Knowing that someone attended your alma mater quickly creates a camaraderie. It sets up a bond of shared experiences and pride. This makes the mutual alma mater email template successful. It forms a connection and enables you to begin an exchange that will ultimately lead to your sales proposition.

19. Out Of Office Reply Email Template

sales email template: out of office example

If your prospect went on vacation and you’ve received autoresponder emails, follow up once they’ve returned to the office. When you do, reference their vacation in your email, or congratulate them on parenthood if they went on parental leave.

It’d be helpful if you could link to a resource in case they forgot the details and don’t want to look through your email thread or read a long email with all of this information.

Why It Works

When someone returns to the office from a temporary leave, their email inbox is typically overflowing. Urgent matters get handled first. Depending on how your prospect views your correspondence, your email might fall to the end of the list. Instead of anticipating their response, follow up with the out of office reply email template.

20. Social Post Comment Email Template

sales email template: social post example

Sometimes, prospects may comment on your posts and seem fairly interested in your solutions, but they don’t engage with you otherwise. Most of the time, you shouldn’t engage with them too early, but if they keep showing up in your social pages, it’s worth reaching out.

If the comment is related to your product, DM them first and ask if you can follow up over email. If they say yes, send them the following template.

Why It Works

You’re already off to a great start if you need the social post comment email template. It means you already have confirmed interest in your company. This email works because you’re able to remind your prospect of their demonstrated interest in your company and quickly transition your email correspondence to a phone call.

Use Email Templates to Nurture More Leads

Email templates can make your life much easier, allowing you to reach more prospects in less time and close more deals. With the templates I’ve shared, you’ll be sure to increase open rates and efficiently meet your sales quota. Use these templates for any scenario — and don’t forget to tailor them to your prospect’s needs.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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