3 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Grow Your Podcast Audience


Time Spent – 20% of your promo time.

After you cover your bases with listeners and prospective listeners, connect with your community on social media. Independent creators on social media (Reddit and Twitter especially) are open to communicating and talking.

There are two important reasons to network with the community.

Firstly, your podcast audience is out there listening to shows these podcasters create. By engaging in cross-promos and trailer swaps with podcasts that have an adjacent audience, you can attract more listeners for your show. 

For instance, your podcast is a deep dive into Zodiac signs and astrology. An adjacent audience for your show might be listening to shows like “What’s Your Sign?” and “Tarot Bytes.” A trailer swap with these shows is likely to grow your listenership. Remember that most independent creators are pressed for either time or money or both. They’ll likely be welcoming to working with you.

This brings us to our second reason. Our conversations with indie creators tell us that not only do they get an audience via networking, they also look to this community to find answers. Who better to understand your struggles and issues than a fellow podcaster. Besides, you never know what you may receive if you don’t ask, right?

Some of you might be thinking – ”well that’s all well and good but where do I begin? Where do I find these podcasters?” We’ve got you covered:

1. Google (no, really) – start by googling podcasts on topics that are either similar or adjacent to yours. For instance, if you’re creating a Table-Top Role Playing Game podcast, you could try “independent TTRPG podcasts,” “independent audio fiction dramas,” or “independent horror podcasts.” From there, you find their email address or socials and send your custom pitch! 

2. Reddit – check out these subreddits where podcasters (and listeners) hang out: 

  • r/podcast – This is a community that provides resources and advice for creators of any level. They also have weekly podcast threads where you can plug your show in for both listeners and other podcasters to engage with.
  • r/podcasting – This subreddit is to ask questions, solely. You can meet other podcasters through it and get feedback.
  • r/podcastguestexchange – As the name suggests, this is a subreddit to match podcasts with guests. Appearing as a guest on a podcast that has a similar audience to yours is a great way to attract an audience!


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