4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Brand Your Podcast


Colors: The color of a logo can reveal a lot about a company and a hue can be strongly intertwined with a brand persona. Each color has a variety of meanings and interpretations, for example, blue is often associated with professional and logical brands, whereas red is considered loud, playful and youthful. 

Colors are one of the most important components in the logo design process due to the obvious impact they have on the audience.

Typography: After you’ve chosen a logo, consider the corporate font you’ll use on your website and across your various marketing channels and touchpoints. Choose a font that is both attention-grabbing and easy to read, but remains consistent with your overall aesthetic.

Audio Elements: Unlike other brands that are typically identified through visual mediums, podcasts are all about the audio. Therefore, your podcast brand needs an audio toolkit, from a soundtrack or opening theme to sound effects and the presenter’s voice, to create an impression on the audience. Think Terry Gross’ soothing tones on Fresh Air or the theme tune for Serial, which will always be instantly recognizable.


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