5 Best WooCommerce Review Plugins for WordPress Stores


Searching for the best WooCommerce review plugins? 🧐

While WooCommerce does include a built-in review feature, WooCommerce review plugins can help you enhance your store’s review system by adding new features (e.g., image uploads) and helping you collect more reviews (e.g., sending a reminder email to shoppers).

In this post, we’ve curated our picks for the five best WooCommerce review plugins for different use cases.

For each tool, we’ll highlight what makes it unique and share some details on how it works.

A quick summary of the best WooCommerce review plugins

To tell you the truth, there’s no single WooCommerce review plugin that can be declared as the overall best for all types of ecommerce stores.

This question should, rather, be answered on a case-by-case basis – as the best WooCommerce review plugin for your store depends on your specific needs. For example, the architecture of your WordPress store, your target audience, the products you’re selling, plus the type of reviews you intend to showcase.

For this reason, we had to consider the most popular use cases and then establish the best review plugin for each.

⌛ The results are as follows:

  • If you’re looking for the best all-in-one review plugin for WooCommerce, we’d recommend Sparks for WooCommerce by Themeisle.
  • If you intend to ask your customers to submit their product reviews via email, the best feedback plugin for the job would be Customer Reviews for WooCommerce by CusRev.
  • For ecommerce stores that are looking to have reviews by product category or page, we’d recommend Site Reviews by Paul Ryley.
  • If your goal is to set up a widget showcasing the ratings of your business on Google, the best WooCommerce review plugin would be Plugin for Google Reviews by RichPlugins.
  • If you plan to run multiple criteria on your product reviews, the best tool would be the WooCommerce Reviews Plugin by ReviewX.

Let’s now dive 🤿 into the details!

Five best WooCommerce review plugins for online stores

Here are our five picks for the best WooCommerce review plugins:

  1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
  2. Sparks for WooCommerce
  3. Site Reviews
  4. Plugin for Google Reviews
  5. WooCommerce Reviews Plugin

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: Best WooCommerce review plugin for email invitations

While many WooCommerce review plugins today are capable of sending out review invitations via email, the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin does it in a rather unique manner. One that has the best chance of eliciting positive responses from your email recipients.

You see, CusRev’s Customer Reviews for WooCommerce allows you to personalize the emails for each customer. It even includes a range of built-in variables for setting automation parameters for your personalized emails.

The reviews, in this case, are tied to your online store products. Once customers purchase them, the system proceeds to send out personalized review requests via email, giving buyers the chance to provide their feedback in the form of comments, images, ratings, and votes.

Such emails are built from responsive templates that come with the WooCommerce review plugin. You just need to select the most appropriate ones and then customize them according to your branding preferences.

The plugin then goes on to provide customers with an aggregated review form, making it easy for them to review multiple purchases at once.

💸 Price: Starts free. Paid version from $49.99 per year.

2. Sparks for WooCommerce: Best all-in-one WooCommerce review plugin

Sparks for WooCommerce is built differently from your regular WooCommerce review plugins. It comes in the form of an all-inclusive suite of conversion-focused product tools, with online reviews being one of the core modules.

In total, the plugin powers eight store functionalities that are meant to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences. They include:

  • An advanced review module for collecting product reviews from customers and displaying them on the product pages.
  • Multi-announcement bars for showcasing product offers every now and then.
  • A quick view module that adds a view button to your catalog, allowing customers to quickly explore the details of each item.
  • Variation swatches for giving customers an easy way to check out different options of the same product.
  • A wishlist module that allows shoppers to save their favorite stuff for purchase at a later date.
  • A comparison table, on which shoppers get to compare products by their specifications.

The product review module happens to support a wide range of attributes on not just your side, but also the reviewing customer’s end, as well as the unconverted shopper’s journey.

Customers can, for instance, review the products in statements, votes, photos, and ratings.

It’s also possible to set the reviews to appear with the reviewer’s avatar and name. Otherwise, for even more credibility, you could have the system displaying only the reviews left by verified buyers.

💸 Price: Starts at $49.

3. Site Reviews: Best WooCommerce review plugin for product categories

Site Reviews by Paul Ryley belongs to an exclusive category of WooCommerce review plugins that stretch beyond products.

You can use it to review literally anything on your site, from pages to categories, custom post types, and more. For WooCommerce stores, though, there’s a special WooCommerce Reviews add-on that lets you integrate the plugin into your store.

That said, the customer reviews here are submitted as comments and ratings. You can also require manual admin approval before publishing any content.

Other than that, you could have the system collect reviews exclusively from logged-in shoppers, while incentives would be in the form of points for each posting.

To keep everything simple and organized, Site Reviews can further limit the volume of review submissions by username, IP address, or email.

What’s more, it allows you to highlight the best reviews, restrict the number of reviews per page, as well as display a combined summary of multiple ratings.

💸 Price: Site Reviews is open source software and 100% free.

4. Plugin for Google Reviews: Best WooCommerce review plugin for Google Reviews

When it comes to business reviews, Google Reviews is the number one reference platform for consumers. Over 65% of them are said to be relying on the company reviews and ratings posted here – consequently making it the most influential review site on customers’ buying decisions [1].

This is something that you can use to your advantage, without necessarily redirecting leads away from your website. The best tool for the job is RichPlugin’s Plugin for Google Reviews.

And just as the name suggests, this WooCommerce review plugin specializes in one type of review – the business reviews that customers publish on Google reviews. Its job is to import them and showcase them right on your website, subsequently giving leads an on-site reference for verifying your brand’s credibility.

You can easily connect to your Google Business listing and import reviews, including adding filters to only import certain reviews.

To display the reviews, you get a visual interface to customize their style. Then, you can embed them using shortcodes or widgets.

💸 Price: Starts free. Paid version from $85.

5. WooCommerce Reviews Plugin: Best multicriteria WooCommerce review plugin

Fifth on our list of the best WooCommerce review plugins is an option by ReviewX. This one stands out for its ability to capture different product criteria in one review.

Now, by multicriteria, we mean that customers get to rate various product attributes separately. You can, for instance, prompt each customer to leave feedback on product quality, service, delivery time, pricing, level of satisfaction, etc.

Reviewers can drop comments, rate products, make recommendations, upload photos and videos, like and dislike product features, as well as share the final reviews with their social media followers.

Then when other shoppers stream in, they can filter the published product reviews quite extensively – down to the comments, attached media, timings, sequence, and ratings.

To make this entire experience even more seamless, the WooCommerce Reviews Plugin provides advanced tools for visualizing all the reviews. You can choose to represent your product feedback through highly appealing visuals such as graphs or charts.

You can build all of the layouts from your WordPress dashboard, with the help of customizable themes. You just select your preferred template and then align its elements with your brand.

Another thing you’ll be able to define is the timings of the review prompts. You can set when to collect feedback along the customer journey – during order confirmation, immediately after purchase, when delivery is confirmed, and so forth.

💸 Price: Starts free. Paid version from $69, but they often have discounts.

Try these WooCommerce review plugins today 🚀

Well, there you have it. The head start you need to start driving your conversions with automated review tools.

Keep in mind, though, that the highest conversion rates come from WordPress stores that rely on an ecosystem of several conversion-optimized engines. They typically bundle WooCommerce reviews plugins with product comparison tools, wishlist modules, product cross-selling resources, etc.

So, in your search for the best review plugin for WooCommerce, you might prioritize the all-in-one option like Sparks for WooCommerce because it covers all those fronts from one centralized system.

Do you still have any questions about choosing between these WooCommerce review plugins? Let us know in the comments.

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