Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver: Everything You Need To Know for the Best Experience (by Two Locals)


Are you looking for the best guide of Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver? You’ve found it! Eric and I absolutely love Ambleside Beach and we’re very excited to bring a detailed guide with everything that this stunning area has to offer.

As you may know, Eric grew up and lived in Vancouver so he was super excited to show me Ambleside the first time I came to visit, years ago. I fell in love with the beach right away. The West Coast vibes are so prominent, it’s a dream place for me! We both have been to Ambleside endless times and have lots of (positive) things to say about it to guide future travelers.

From having dinner in the sky to spending quality time on this West Coast typical beach, there are lots of things to do at Ambleside Beach. This beach is actually one of the best beaches in West Van for many reasons. One thing is sure, we highly recommend adding it to your Vancouver itinerary regardless of whether you’re traveling with your partner, family, friends or alone.


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