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Prom Tuxedos : Style Review

Prom Tuxedos: Must-Have Garments for Prom Night For all the young men out there, you absolutely cannot finish high school without having to wear a formal suit at least once. That one occasion is none other than your prom night. You naturally want to look your best when you’re out with a date on prom […]

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Men’s Designer Knowledge

When it comes to fashion, there’s no doubt that women are more knowledgeable than men. But this does not necessarily mean that you should be caught wearing unimpressive suits during special occasions, or looking like a dud during a first date when you’re supposed to impress a woman. Fortunately, you can always rely on men’s […]

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Retro’s Back : Again

What’s Old is New Again:Retro and Vintage Clothing Pieces The way that you dress on special occasions and on a daily basis reflects a bit of who you are as a person. Some people like going for that classic look; other have a more preppy, corporate style; some are always into the hottest trends; while […]

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Urban Clothing – Should it be attempted?

This year is shaping up to a great year for urban clothing fashion. The fashion statement for the year has transcended genders – and what used to be solely women’s territories has turned into a better playing field for both men and women. Nothing describes this more than the flurry of hot, trendy and fashionable […]

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