Cox Bay Lookout: The Best Guide For a Visit That You’ll Love (by Two Locals)


Are you looking for the best guide to Cox Bay Lookout? You’ve found it! Eric being from Vancouver Canada, we are very familiar with the Tofino area, which we’ve explored several times. In this area, you’ll find the Cox Bay Tofino Lookout, a stunning lookout with some of the most incredible British Columbia views.

Cox Bay Lookout is one of the relatively still best kept-secret on Vancouver Island. Though locals or Vancouver-raised people know about it, lots of tourists will walk by it without even knowing it exists. The Cox Bay Lookout is a stop you should definitely add to your travel itinerary to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 

In this post, and similarly to our post about the secret platform in Horseshoe Bay, we share everything you need to know about the Cox bay Lookout from our experience to the Cox Bay Lookout trail and map. 


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