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But what if it doesn’t get it right?  Do I have to reread what it typed?

I mean, of course, you can and should. Otherwise, funny typos can be interesting. I used to type the email or text I was working on, then reread it to make sure it was correct and came across how I wanted. Instead, I activate the dictate button and speak the email or text I’m working on, then reread it before sending it or moving on. I type quickly, but now that I’ve started teaching myself to talk faster to my computer, this feels about 3x quicker than it was before. 

I’ve even taken the rereading a step further by using editing software, such as Grammarly. This eases the editing phase post-dictation. I didn’t want to pay for Grammarly, though, so I’ve also been fond of ProWritingAid, which is a Chrome browser extension I’ve been using that’s like a free version of Grammarly. It underlines the issues that it identifies and makes edits quicker. Microsoft Office also does this with its spelling and grammar check. I leverage those, too, to help make edits faster.

A Few Other Observations

Visual Learners – Sometimes, I’m a bit of a visual person, so seeing the text appear as I type is helpful for my thinking process. When I talk to people in real life, I don’t see the words appearing as I’m talking. I wonder if that visual is part of the habit I used to have with typing? Now that I’ve gotten used to just speaking to my computer with no one in the room with me, I’ve gotten over it reasonably quickly. To be honest, I don’t look at the screen. I look around and then come back to see what it says.


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