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Going paperless, might sound daunting, but it’s not as bad as you might think. It’s easily within your grasp, and you can even do it for free. I’ve been paperless for years, and have found some tactics that really work. I’ve had friends try this approach successfully too, so I wanted to share it with you in case you’re interested. Two quick clarifications:

1) I didn’t get paid for this. Nothing shady here. I have not had contact with any of the apps or products I discuss below. These are my own opinions and experiences.

2) There are MANY ways to go paperless. This is just one approach that’s worked for me.

Productivity Gladiator is about solutions you can act on right now, so here’s one if you want to give it a try! To get started, it’s free, so no excuses!

Why Paperless?

For me, I’ve moved a lot! 27 times in my life. Each time I moved, I had to pack up all the papers, folders, and file cabinets. I used to HATE packing up the desk area. They were always the heaviest boxes! Why was I dragging all this around? Why did I need all these paper copies, particularly in our digital world? One afternoon in 2013, I started watching YouTube videos on people’s approaches to going paperless. One of the videos described a guy’s approach that used Evernote, and I was immediately struck by how simple it seemed. I decided to try it. As I started my journey, I found it worked for me. I kept going, and by doing one or two folders per day, within a year I was paper-free. Moving addresses after that was much simpler. I’ve never looked back or felt more unburdened.

Also for me, I’m very aware of my time’s value, and with this digital approach, it’s faster and easier than ever for me to find any record I’m looking for. It’s saved me hundreds of hours and headaches over the years tracking down files and information, even while I’m on the go, and I hope you find all of these benefits as you start on your journey.


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