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“Share your biggest time waster or time suck,” is the first activity we do in my workshop on the value of your time. “Social media” is the most common answer…by a landslide. Do you get that feeling too? Is it a struggle for you as well? If so, you’re not alone. During COVID-19, hundreds of people each month found my blog posts through internet searches on Social Media Addiction. Let’s discuss one of the first steps in improving your relationship with social media.

Acknowledgement: I recognize some people may need to spend more time on social media for business or other reasons. This is meant to help anyone who is interested in taking back the power in their relationship with social media.

Social media has been a struggle for me for years.

I was part of the very first wave of people to have a Facebook profile as Facebook expanded to more universities. I had a “.edu” email when it first launched so I was “in” back in 2004. I distinctly remember sitting in my room at Florida State University and registering for my Facebook profile, and marveling at this new way to spend my time online. Ever since then, social media has proven to be a constant struggle for people; constantly comparing ourselves to others, needing to see what others are doing, and getting lost in the ether of the scrolling. It’s not healthy. I have spent years trying to get better at it. Also, for me, I consider my time valuable, and all that time spent on social media platforms feels lost. I don’t tend to feel better when I spend hours of my time on social media. I’ve tried quite a few approaches, and I feel good about my relationship with (or really the lack of) social media in my life these days. I want you to feel better about your relationship with social media as well.

How much time do you spend on social media?

It’s time to get specific, how much time do you spend on social media? These days your phone will tell you. Do it right now.


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