How to start an online store without inventory


Who is the most suitable for FBA?

If you are one of the following types, you might find FBA great opportunities to grow your business with efficiency.

If you are running a small business at home, FBA can be a great option that helps you expand your business and make use of Amazon’s customer base.

With FBA, you can access Amazon’s Prime shipping program – a one-day shipping service provided by Amazon to its Prime members. Of course, buyers love fast shipping. That’s why access to this service will help you to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Moreover, you can also benefit from Amazon’s 24-hour customer support services.

FBA can be a great option for retailers who want to sell their products on Amazon but don’t want to deal with the logistics of shipping and customer service. You can instead focus on other aspects of their business.

FBA is an ideal solution for print on demand sellers who are experienced with Amazon and want to expand their business to the next level.

Long shipping time and logistic issues are some of the biggest challenges for print on demand sellers. With FBA, you can take advantage of advanced Amazon fulfillment centers to deliver light-fast shipping to customers.

Fortunately, at Merchize, we are offering special FBA services where we help you to print your products as per your order quantity, do proper FBA packaging then send them to FBA’s fulfillment centers. We require no minimum order quantity.

Plus, if combined with our branding services, you will be able to build strong branding for your Amazon business.

FBA is incredibly useful for international sellers who want to break into the US market. Normally, it would take weeks to months for a package to be successfully delivered across borders. Long shipping is one of the barriers that keep international sellers from making successful business on a global scale. However, with FBA, all of these issues can be solved easily.

International sellers can rely on Amazon’s cutting-edge logistic systems to distribute their products fast and efficiently.

In general, FBA is the perfect option for e-commerce business owners who want to start an online store without worrying about managing inventory and shipping logistics.

Digital products and services

With digital products and services, there is no need to keep a physical inventory as your products are digitalized and stored entirely online. As long as there are internet connections, anyone from anywhere can buy them.

Compared to physical products, digital products do not cost you as much capital to produce. What is needed is your time, effort, skills, and expertise. Designs, printable files, e-books, online courses, music, coaching, and tutoring are a few examples of digital products and services that you can make and sell online.

How to start selling digital products and services?

  • Find your niches and what products you want to sell

First, just brainstorm what unique talents do you have that could be used to create a fantastic digital product? Perhaps you’re a natural wordsmith and could pen an e-book or develop a writing workshop.

The next step is all about finding the perfect market and niches for your digital products. Have you heard the saying “There’s a lid for every pot”? Well, it’s just like that – you need to identify your niche!

Now that you have figured out what kind of products you want to make and which niches you want to cater to, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get cracking on creating your digital goodies that meet the mark.

  • Make your website or register on e-commerce platforms

If you’re looking to sell your digital products and services, it’s important to find the right platform for your needs. One option is to set up your own website and domain, which can give you more control over the process. Platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce can make this easier by providing payment processing and inventory management features.

If setting up your own website isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of options available. You could try registering a seller account on platforms like Gumroad, Sellfy, or E-junkie, where you can showcase and sell your products without the hassle of managing your own site. So why not give it a go? It could be just what you need to take your online sales to the next level!

The last yet most important step is to help your product to reach people who actually need your products.

Who is the most suitable for digital products and services?

While digital products require no inventory, storage, or shipping, it takes a high level of expertise to produce. This type of product is especially beneficial if you are one of the following:

  • Creatives: If you’re a photographer, artist, musician, or writer, you can create digital products such as digital art prints, music tracks, books, or video tutorials to sell to your audience.
  • Content creators: Selling digital products can be a great way for content creators who are professionals at creating videos, podcasts, and blogs. Plus, with the existing audience, it is easy to market and promote your products to the audience who are interested in your content.
  • Experts and coaches: Making educational digital products are highly recommended for experts and coaches. Whether you are a professional in marketing, business, finance, or self-development, you can totally exchange your knowledge in your fields for money through selling courses, tutoring, or coaching services.

Third-party logistics (3PL)

The last option for people who want to start selling online without keeping inventory is through third-party logistics. This service is quite similar to FBA. The difference is that your logistics partner is the third-party service provider, not Amazon.

How to start selling with Third-party logistics partners

After buying the products from the manufacturers or distributors, you can ship your products directly to your Third-party logistics partner. From there, they will help to keep and manage your products. Now, you can start listing and selling your products.

This option provides a quick and easy solution for inventory management and shipping tracking.

third-party logistics no inventory business

Who is the most suitable to use Third party logistics?

Unlike print on demand or dropshipping, using third-party logistics still requires you to buy and own products, which will raise the running cost for your business. That’s why this solution matches established business who has already got a steady customer base. As you are more experienced with the market and have remained a certain customer base, there is a lower risk of unsold inventory.

By partnering with Third-party logistics companies, you will be able to eradicate all-consuming tasks related to keeping inventory. Instead, you will have more time to market your products and scale your business.

Start an online store without inventory with Merchize

Merchize offers the best solution for your to start an income stream without stressing over keeping and managing your inventory. At Merchize, we provide both print-on-demand and FBA services, which provide great flexibility for your business. Whether you are an e-commerce newbie or an experienced seller with an established business, you can find solutions that match your needs.

Print on demand

  • Competitive pricing: Merchize makes it one of our priorities to optimize the cost for print on demand and offer competitive prices.
  • Various products: Our product catalog includes over 300 print-on-demand products in different categories. With a wide range of products, you can explore new opportunities in the market and keep your business growing.
  • No minimum order: We require no minimum orders. Every time an order is placed, we will make and deliver it to the customers.
  • Various integration options: Merchize offers integrations across different popular e-commerce platforms, which allows an automated and seamless fulfillment flow.
  • Transparent product and order tracking system: Each and every order fulfilled through Merchize was kept track throughout the process. You can update the real-time status of all orders and get an overview of your store easily through your dashboard.
  • Build-in mockup generator: Merchize also integrates smart mockup generation into your system which allows our sellers to create easy and quick mockup images for your products.

How to start selling print on demand with Merchize

In order to take advantage of all Merchize’s peaks, you can create your own account at Here are some simple steps to ingrate your store with Merrchize and start selling print on demand:

  • Create Merchize account
  • Integrate your online store with Merchize
  • Upload your designs and sell products
  • Start fulfilling with Merchize


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