How to Use Apple Podcasts Subscriptions


Once you’ve added your show, you’ll be asked to review your show’s details that were pulled from your RSS feed (name, description, etc.). 

You will then select the countries and regions where you want your show to be available, and whether your show will be public/discoverable on Apple Podcasts. 

Next, you can click “Publish your show.” 

Your show will be manually reviewed by a real person. While most shows go live right away, it may take up to a few days to be accepted and published on Apple Podcasts.

Once your show has been reviewed and approved, you will now need to join the Apple Podcasters Program, a $19.99/year membership that allows creators to set up Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. 

In your Account, select “Details” to join the Apple Podcasters Program by clicking “Sign Up.”



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