How to Use Audiograms to Promote Your Podcast


With Headliner, you can easily edit and promote your podcasts, organize your media files, and more.

Animations– Headliner allows you to customize artwork and add animations to make your visual more interesting and engaging.

Easy Social Sharing – Headliner makes sharing on social easy by automatically promoting your latest podcast episodes on platforms like Facebook and Twitter with a single click. Your videos will also be also optimized for sharing across every social channel.

The app allows you to take podcast clips that can be used in social media posts, so you can increase your reach by making it easier to share your work.

Publish to YouTube – Uploading podcast episodes to YouTube is also quick and straightforward, allowing you to upload up to 2 hours of recording at a time.

Audio Transcriptions – Podcast sound bites can be auto transcribed and uploaded as text to your blog and videos, which will help increase engagement. 

Manage Multiple Shows – Headliner also allows you to simultaneously manage multiple podcasts from one dashboard, making it easy for social media managers, assistants, or anyone who works with several product creators to keep a pulse on everyone’s projects.


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