How to Write a Podcast Script


Name of Your Podcast:
Podcast Episode Number
Episode Title
Intended duration of the episode

Intro: you can write out your entire intro if you choose to, or keep it open with just the highlights of what you need to say

Topic 1 or question 1 for your guest(s)

Sponsorship break (if applicable): You can write this out, or just add your highlights of what to say.

Topic 2 or question 2 for your guest(s)

Topic 3 or question 3 for your guest(s)

Sponsorship break (if applicable): Include additional topics/questions if you have more than 3

Call to action: If you’re not using some kind of call to action, you’re missing out on some big opportunities!

Outro: This may be the same pre-recorded message every time, but if it’s not you might want to script what you want to say at the conclusion of your episode to let you audience know you’re wrapping up


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