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Commuting! It’s one of the most common examples people mention as something they “waste time” doing. You’re also often not compensated for that time, so it’s your “free time” you’re spending. Do you feel like you spend it wisely?

According to Lifehack, researchers found that each minute spent on commuting is identified with a 0.0257-minute exercise time reduction, a 0.0387-minute food preparation time reduction, and a 0.2205-minute sleep time reduction. In simple terms it means the longer the commute, the higher the likelihood:
1) you won’t exercise as often or as intensely as you should,
2) you’ll grab quicker/unhealthier food instead of preparing something healthy or making smart choices, and
3) you won’t sleep as much as you should or need.

Also, your time spent commuting has value. It’s your free time, your “personal time”. If you’ve lost track of exactly what the value of your personal time is worth, jump back and read my blog post, Your Time Has a Specific ‘$/hr’ value. Plug your personal numbers into the calculators for an estimate the actual value of your time. How much is your commute “costing” you in time?

Eliminating your commute isn’t an option. How could you improve it? Make it more productive? Here are a bunch of ideas for you to consider:


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