Phone calls were made to include Shan Masood: Ramiz Raja


Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja slams the newly constructed management committee led by Najam Sethi for over-controlling players’ stance.

During live interaction with cricket fans, Ramiz Raja puts a dot on the matter of putting pressure on players applied by PCB.

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“They apply pressure on other players like this as if what we say, he has to do it at any cost,” said Ramiz.

Former PCB chairman also confirmed through his sources some insides about the appointment of vice-captain of the Pakistan ODI team.

“The head coach of Pakistan received multiple calls when vice-captain Shan Masood was benched for two matches against New Zealand. The head coach and captain were forced to make Shan Masood play,” said Ramiz.

Ramiz Raja also claimed that PCB was trying to justify their decision to appoint Shan Masood as vice-captain by putting pressure on the captain and head coach.

“We have a chairman now who has no background related to cricket; he only comes, attends the meeting, clicks some photos post on Twitter, and lastly hands over ICC trophies to Babar, that’s it,” said Ramiz.

Reminder for all is that Shan Masood was appointed vice-captain of the ODI team before the New Zealand series, and PCB management committee head Najam Sethi single-handedly took the decision.


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