Podcast Movement 2021: Day 4 Recap


For both our on-site team members and our virtual ones, we can honestly say that Podcast Movement was an incredible experience. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversations we started with some of the most amazing people in this community.

We’ve got some new ideas to kick around, and we’re looking forward to catching up on any of the sessions that we couldn’t catch live when the replays are released.

Hopefully, if you were there at the conference virtually or live, you too have a plan for how you will implement lessons learned and engage with the people you met.

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We give you all of the tools and resources you need to launch and grow your podcast.

If you missed out on today’s sessions, we’ve found a lot of resources from the speakers that presented for the final day of Podcast Movement.

  • This video from Jason Cercone offers his 5 big takeaways from the conference, and this video from Krystal Proffitt shows highlights and recaps – We highly recommend watching them.
  • Speaking of videos, we saw Podcast Movement released their official highlight reel from the event on YouTube here
  • Sharing this resource one last time for anyone that missed it. We found this amazing playlist on the Podcast Movement channel that you have to see! Though they are not all presenting exactly what they did at the conference, it features many of the speakers that spoke live in Nashville!
  • Audry shared their presentation on their YouTube channel here
  • Podcast Movement shared some final thoughts on their conference too
  • A great way to catch up on many of the ideas shared at the Podcast Movement conference both virtual and in person, is to check out the event hashtag “#pm21” on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and go through everyone’s posts. There are slide images, quotes, and additional recaps from a wide variety of attendees


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