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What’s Old is New Again:Retro and Vintage Clothing Pieces

The way that you dress on special occasions and on a daily basis reflects a bit of who you are as a person.

Some people like going for that classic look; other have a more preppy, corporate style; some are always into the hottest trends; while there are individuals who prefer to go with retro, vintage clothing.

What’s good about dressing up retro is that you have a lot of decades to take inspiration from while dressing.

The disco era of the 1970s popularized flared jeans, which even Hollywood celebrities are wearing today. Then there are boyfriend jeans or the Madonna-esque look from the 80s, which are also making a comeback.

Dressing Up Retro, but with a More Modern Flair

However, if you do not want to create a costume-like look, you need to simply find inspiration from vintage clothing pieces and combine them with modern ones.

For example, a maxi dress with a vintage print can be worn plain and simple, or accessorized with a trendy necklace or bag. The shiny, liquid leggings from a few years back are making a huge comeback, and they can be worn with a more modern short dress with knee-high boots.

For men, vintage clothing will learn more towards having a 1920s feel to your suit when dressing up for formal occasions. Or, if you’re the preppy kind, you can wear a polo shirt with a turned-up collar and pair it with toned-down pants and shoes.

All in all, retro and vintage clothing can be mixed up with modern pieces to make them look trendier. No matter what the occasion is, the event will be made even more special if you will exert some extra effort into dressing up and looking your best – using retro or vintage fashion finds.