The 6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites in 2023


If your real estate website isn’t generating leads, it isn’t doing its job. As the hub of your marketing wheel, where all your other marketing efforts direct prospects to go, it’s crucial that your website is well-equipped to convert your traffic into client leads. 

We’ve put together a list of the best real estate lead generation website providers with a proven ability to turn your marketing dollars (and hard work!) into actual buyers and sellers. 

The 6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites of 2023

Real Estate Lead Generation Website Starting Price/Month Best For
Propertybase GO
(Best Overall)
$399 Agents seeking a highly customizable website with proven lead generation tools, excellent conversion strategies, and a built-in CRM
Real Geeks $299 A solid website and CRM experience with a paid ad option you can scale as your business grows
Placester $119 Agents who don’t have the time to create and manage a high-converting website themselves
Chime $599 Those who appreciate a low learning curve they can start using on day one
Sierra Interactive $399.95 Brand-conscious agents who want an all-in-one site that is customizable and designed for the luxury market
iNCOM $44.95 Agents whose customer base would also appreciate having recently sold info and foreclosure data available in search

These are our favorite website creators that specifically prioritize lead generation. If you want additional options, check out our guide to the best real estate website builders.

Not sure what you should be investigating while shopping? Jump down and watch this video about the must-have features of lead generation sites first, then scroll back up to the beginning to read through our top picks.

Best Overall Real Estate Lead Generation Website: Propertybase

A part of the Lone Wolf Technologies group of real estate companies, Propertybase GO offers a powerful, ultra-customizable website experience. It comes complete with a native integration with lead generation tool BoldLeads, a versatile and customizable customer relationship management tool (CRM), and a powerful engine to drive prospects to your website. Sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t. Read on.

Propertybase GO Pros & Cons

Propertybase GO Pros Propertybase GO Cons
  • Integrated organically with BoldLeads
  • Expensive, especially for single agents
  • Fantastic on-site lead capture customizations
  • Limited analytics options
  • Text Concierge is a powerful lead conversion tool
  • Requires a contract to use

Propertybase Pricing

Propertybase GO’s pricing is pretty straightforward, with a full package that includes an IDX website for $399 per month with a minimum nine-month commitment. 

A Closer Look: Why Propertybase GO Is on Our List

When I tried out Propertybase GO, I found it offers clean, customizable website designs with a ton of impressive lead-generating functionality. Some of my favorites attributes include:

  • Agent stickiness: If you’re working as a part of a real estate team, you’ve probably got a website for the entire group rather than individual agents. Once a lead’s information is captured on a Propertybase GO website and is officially assigned to a team member in the CRM, that lead starts to see their agent’s information on the site instead of the generic team info. 
  • Adjustable lead scoring: Within Propertybase GO’s included CRM, you can adjust the automatic lead scoring to account for what matters most in your market. For instance, if listings are in short supply where you’re working, you can adjust the lead scoring to value listing leads above buyer leads. 
  • Scaling paid lead options: With BoldLeads, you can scale the amount you want to spend on paid lead generation up and down, sending more (or less) paid traffic to your website depending on your business needs and budget.

Propertybase Website Examples

Final Thoughts on Propertybase GO

The Propertybase website and CRM combo is a potent tool for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages alike and a clear choice for our best overall option. Incredibly customizable, intuitive, and easy to use, Propertybase is a strong option for a real estate web presence focused on lead generation and conversion.

Try Propertybase

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Website With Flexible Ad Spend: Real Geeks

logo for real estate lead generation company RealGeeks

OK, before y’all rush to the comments to express your hatred of Real Geeks’ websites, remember what this article is all about: lead generation. This guide is all about highlighting the best real estate website options specific to converting visitors to clients. And while the Real Geeks product might be lacking in some areas, when it comes to lead gen, they’ve got it figured out.

Real Geeks has been around since 2008 and has impressively innovated and evolved their lead capture options to keep up with the times. They stand out in their ability to drive paid traffic, which is why they’re on our list.

Real Geeks Pros & Cons

Real Geeks Pros Real Geeks Cons
  • Great lead capture landing pages
  • Limited website customization options
  • Pay-per-click, social, and other paid traffic ad packages
  • Blog and content marketing platforms are lacking
  • A bonus CRM that is actually pretty helpful
  • No mobile app experience for agents

Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks provides an IDX website and a useful CRM for solo agents (or two-agent teams) for $299, plus an additional monthly fee of $25 per month for each additional agent.

Services like pay-per-click and Facebook ad management are completely optional with Real Geeks. You can drive traffic to the site yourself or have Real Geeks help—totally up to you.

A Closer Look: Why Real Geeks Is on Our List

Real Geeks offers tons of effective ways to get traffic to your website, as well as powerful tools to convert that into leads. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Optimized landing pages: They’ve been optimized in ways that give them best-in-class conversion rates. After being tested, and tested again, they will adjust depending on your market to convert your specific audience.
  • Partial lead capture: You can adjust your pop-ups and lead capture devices to capture only the information you want. So, say you’re struggling with getting leads to give you their phone number. Try asking instead for an email address for a while in order to get the pipeline flowing.
  • Automated or manual lead assignment: Choose from popular lead assignment methods in the CRM (such as round-robin or by lead type). You can also exercise the option to reassign a lead from a team member who hasn’t responded or followed up.

Real Geeks Website Examples

Final Thoughts on Real Geeks

Real Geeks offers flexible ways to drive leads and nurture them through a CRM. Whether you work with Real Geeks to create a massive Google and Facebook ad campaign to push 10,000 visitors a week to your site, or you buckle down and implement your own long-term search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, Real Geeks is a tool you should consider.

Try Real Geeks

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Website for Tight Budgets: Placester

logo for real estate lead generation company placester

Placester offers exceptional lead generation and capture options that can power you to top-producer status—and they manage it all for you. You can still take a DIY approach to your website, but the real deal is signing up for the DIFM (Do It For Me) package.

With DIFM, Placester creates a custom, expertly designed website (in just 48 hours). Once it’s approved and launched, they update and manage it for you with their unlimited concierge-level service. You get all the benefits of having a top-performing Placester website but none of the work. 

We’ve written a lot about Placester and the tools they offer, but this relatively new product and service delivery could be a major game changer for the industry. This service is incredibly impactful at the individual agent level, but at the team and brokerage level, it has the potential to rocket a lead generation strategy to the next level.

Placester Pros & Cons

Placester Pros Placester Cons
  • Get a free custom site mockup within 48 hours of filling out a short questionnaire
  • You still have to give Placester the information for DIFM updates to the site
  • Affordable price, especially with NAR discount
  • The custom content option is not organized around your schedule—it’s based on the company’s content cadence
  • Code-free site editing offers easy customization options in the DIY package
  • Not an ideal tool for someone who needs team lead distribution features
  • Every package gets the Placester CRM

Placester Pricing

Placester Pricing: Single Agent With NAR Discount Billed Annually
DIY Plan: Website builder $79 / month
DIFM Website: Custom website designed and created by experts; unlimited updates and maintenance done for you $119 / month
DIFM Content Pro: Custom website designed and maintained for you; unique content; social media posts and reporting; Google analytics setup $319 / month
Placester offers their CRM and IDX integration with every package; note that both DIFM packages require a one-time $500 setup fee

A Closer Look: Why Placester Is on Our List

Placester is currently ranked as our number one overall choice for the best real estate website builders because their offerings are the most comprehensive of all the providers we tried out. However, they also stand out in the lead generation category. Here’s why: 

  • Designed for real estate agents: These websites are packed full of lead generation opportunities, including custom landing pages, area and community pages, and testimonials. A Placester site leverages all of the best lead gen strategies for a real estate industry professional.
  • They are experts in website management: There’s a lot that goes into a high-performing website, from specialized code and SEO strategy to regular maintenance and upgrades. There’s a real advantage to letting the professionals manage this crucial marketing tool, and that’s exactly what Placester does.
  • The CRM is fully integrated: Your Placester CRM has essential features like auto-response, email drip, and blast campaigns. It may not be the most robust CRM out there, but it has the basics and works effectively with your website to generate and nurture leads.
  • Social media content and marketing: Placester’s DIFM Content Pro provides three Facebook posts and three Instagram posts per week, plus one piece of custom content for your blog, which is sure to boost your overall lead gen marketing strategy.

Placester Website Examples

Final Thoughts on Placester

It’s hard to beat someone taking all of the work out of managing and maintaining your website for only $119 per month. I’m really excited about this solution-forward approach from Placester. Furthermore, I believe that their high-performing sites—supported by concierge-level service—can become an important part of any lead generation strategy. Click below to answer a few quick questions and get your free custom site mock-up within 48 hours:

Try Placester

Best for a Website You Can Start Using on Day One: Chime

Do you need a tool that you can purchase, set up, and start directing traffic to, all on day one? If so, Chime is worth checking out. Chime provides an easy, out-of-the-box solution to your real estate website needs. It’s also got some appealing lead capture options and a full-bodied CRM to help you follow up with your leads and convert them into clients.

Chime Pros & Cons

Chime Pros Chime Cons
  • Excellent landing page options for every agent
  • Low learning curve and lots of prebuilt sites that can go live with the addition of a few details
  • Even with the high starting price, premium features often cost extra
  • A CRM that allows you to email, text, and call right from the platform
  • “Options overload” in the CRM can be difficult to navigate

Chime Pricing

Chime Pricing at a Glance for a Typical Single Agent
Access to Chime websites + CRM $599 per month
Lead gen branding ads $300 + 15% ad management fee
Built-in dialer access for CRM $15 per month
Expanded text message package for CRM $15 per month / 500 texts per day

Note that Chime charges 20% of your ad budget for lead gen management (which is different from the 15% ad management fee). They’ll cover everything: creating the ads, running them on your behalf, and delivering reports to you about the results. 

A Closer Look: Why Chime Is on Our List

Chime is a real estate website platform where all the hard work is done for you, and the lead generation can happen pretty much the moment you activate your account. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Concierge-level service: The reason these websites are ready to go immediately is your setup and activation takes place with a Chime expert who does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Unlimited lead follow-up and nurture: Using the Chime CRM, you can email, text, even call your prospects without ever leaving the platform, making this the most centralized communication tool on our list.
  • Next-level analytics and reporting: Chime offers some of the best analytics tools for understanding your website’s lead generation efforts as well as your (and your team’s) strategies for converting those leads. This platform is a data-lover’s dream.

Chime Website Examples

Final Thoughts on Chime

If you’re looking for a real estate website that’s going to be operational on day one and a CRM that will allow you to track every bit and byte of your team’s (and your) performance, you should give Chime a try. Yes, you’ll certainly pay for this level of service, but for someone who is short on time and heavy on budget, this is an efficient option.

Visit Chime

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Website for Luxury Markets: Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive logo

Sierra Interactive is an all-in-one solution for real estate agents that combines a high-performing CRM with SEO-driven websites designed to accelerate lead generation. The two work together beautifully, much like Chime, but we recommend Sierra Interactive for agents working in the luxury market. While they have similar customization capabilities as Chime, we find their sites to be slightly more sophisticated, perfect for higher-end listings.

Sierra Interactive Pros & Cons

Sierra Interactive Pros Sierra Interactive Cons
  • Excellent level of customization, including sidebars, images, and navigation
  • The onboarding is not personalized and is lacking
  • Sites come with effective ad campaigns for Google and Facebook
  • Customer service can be spotty
  • Sites are expertly SEO-driven
  • It’s difficult to track lead sources
  • Fair pricing plus ability to add on personal coaching

Sierra Interactive Pricing

Sierra Interactive’s CRM + Website bundle is $399.95 per month, with a startup fee that can run between $250 and $500. This includes five users, text messages, voicemails, dialer minutes, 100 single-property sites, 25 seller sites, 20 community pages, nine buyer pages, six seller pages, four blog templates, and Google Ads management for the first $1,000 of your monthly ad spend. 

A Closer Look: Why Sierra Interactive Is on Our List 

It really comes down to the quality of sites that Sierra Interactive offers. Agents working in the luxury real estate market need lead generation websites that allow for brand customization in addition to all of the top-end lead generation and capture tools. 

  • The consumer-facing end product: Sierra’s websites are sleek and elegant, with plenty of room for brand-conscious customization.
  • Expert design for SEO: We’re talking award-winning SEO sites that drive organic traffic and give agents a real advantage over their competition.
  • CRM integration: The built-in CRM provides automated action plans for incoming leads, which guarantees timely communication and strategic outreach.

Sierra Interactive Website Examples

Final Thoughts on Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive’s high-end product is adaptable to luxury markets; it’s a relatively easy platform to use (plus they are about to launch a Sierra Success Training Academy) and highly effective. The SEO-friendly designs drive organic traffic and leads are effortlessly integrated into a robust CRM that provides individualized action plans. For agents, teams, and brokerages, this is a great option at a reasonable price.

Try Sierra Interactive

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Website for Expanded Search Options: iNCOM

InCom logo

Finally, iNCOM provides real estate websites and lead generation services at a staggeringly low price. They also include a lot of worthwhile options for agents, especially if your buyers are hunting for a deal on a distressed or foreclosed property. 

While iNCOM isn’t quite in the same league as Real Geeks, Propertybase, Sierra Interactive, or Chime as far as its back-end lead nurturing goes, its consumer-facing websites and lead generation offerings are very exciting.

iNCOM Pros & Cons

iNCOM Pros iNCOM Cons
  • Lowest priced tool on our list + no long-term contract
  • Unique search options, including foreclosures and recently sold properties
  • Relatively few website templates to choose from
  • Easy options to export leads to other CRMs
  • No real solution for smaller real estate teams

iNCOM Pricing

iNCOM Pricing at a Glance for a Typical Single Agent
Access to standard website themes + CRM $49.95 per month (+ $250 setup fee)
Paid Google or Facebook ad management $100 per month + ad spend

A Closer Look: Why iNCOM Is on Our List

Overall, iNCOM has some unique features (at a surprisingly low price) that I’m excited about. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Highly customizable IDX search: Nobody else on our list provides options for website search that include expired listings, recent solds, and foreclosed homes, making this an investor or deal hunter’s dream platform.
  • Designed to interact with other CRMs: Though they may not say it, it’s pretty clear iNCOM knows their CRM isn’t the best option for all Realtors, which is why they make lead transfer to other products a priority.
  • Low price with no contract: On iNCOM, you really can try it for a month, and if you love it, keep it. The lack of a contract requirement is convenient for someone who frequently suffers from buyer’s remorse or has a shoe-string budget.

iNCOM Website Examples

Final Thoughts on iNCOM

If you’re looking for an affordable real estate website that really stretches IDX capabilities to the max, you owe it to yourself to check out iNCOM. Its websites offer great lead generation options at a nearly unbeatable price. And with a month-to-month contract option, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you have little to lose.


Must-have Lead Generation Features

Now that we’ve narrowed down our favorite lead generation website providers, it’s important to consider what you actually need in a site to be successful. Our video below outlines three must-haves for website lead generation.

Over to You

Any of the companies on our list of the best real estate websites for lead generation could be an essential part of operating your real estate business. With the right CRM, you can engage the leads from your website and nurture them until they are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase or sale.

Which lead gen website provider on this list is most appealing to you? Which options would you like to see us review in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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