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This year is shaping up to a great year for urban clothing fashion.

The fashion statement for the year has transcended genders – and what used to be solely women’s territories has turned into a better playing field for both men and women.

Nothing describes this more than the flurry of hot, trendy and fashionable urban clothing items which are a must-have for people who would like to look their best.

Counting Down the Hottest Urban Clothing Trends for the Year

With the success of hip hop artists, the trend in wearing urban hip hop fashion statements have also soared. Take the popular hip hop brands like Dereon, Baby Phat and Sean Jones as an example.

All of these brands specifically cater to hip hop fans – but they have managed to cross over to the mainstream market. Why? Because hip hop fashion is loose, cool, comfortable and trendy – everything that a fashion-conscious individual would like to be when dressing up.

When choosing which urban clothing items to add to your hip hop collection, follow your own personal style as well. By shopping under the aforementioned labels, you would already have an idea about the styles that hip hop celebrities themselves would wear, so you can follow suit. Take your pick from trendy hip hop clothes like hoodies, jackets, cool statement shirts, accessories, sneakers and jerseys.

A definite fail

Another urban clothing style that you can go for is vintage hip hop wear, which portrays a unique charm for the wearer.

Naturally, your urban hip hop look will never be complete without adding accessories such as bling-blings, silver necklaces, bracelets, caps, boots and cool belt. Nothing describes your personality more than your individual fashion statements. So if you want to look hot, trendy and cool – check out the wide selection of urban clothing items and choose one that best describes your personal style!