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As a crucial part of your marketing strategy and professional branding, an effective real estate agent bio sums up who you are and your value proposition. A well-crafted “about me” section can mean the difference between a lost lead and a new client. That’s because it tells buyers and sellers why they should want to work with you.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your first bio or updating your existing one. We also have a host of great tools to help you write a new bio, including our exclusive, mad-libs-style bio generator, three free real estate bio templates, nine bio examples that we love, plus a list of industry buzzwords to help spice up your writing. Use our exclusive real estate bio generator as a starting point.

The Close Exclusive Real Estate Agent Bio Generator

Fill in some important details below. Our Real Estate Agent Bio Generator will plug your input into one of our road-tested bio templates.

Your Generated Bio

, is a great place to live and work, which is why chose to call it home. With roots in , came to in . Real estate is a passion for , with a background in , it is easy to see why more than clients called for help buying and selling.

has been a part of the family for years and is passionate about helping clients take the next step in their homeownership journey. volunteers with and loves being a part of other community events.

When ​​isn’t in the office or volunteering, you’ll often find and enjoying time with friends and family.

Now that you’ve got something to work with, here are some surefire tips to make sure your bio is as effective as it can be.

1. Bigger Is Not Better

A longer real estate agent bio does not make you seem more impressive. In fact, it makes it less likely someone will even read it at all. Studies show that 50% of readers won’t read more than a single screen’s worth of text on their phone. Keep your bio to less than 200 words and make them captivating ones. Only include relevant, interesting information that will help prospects determine whether or not you’re the right agent for them.

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2. Write It to Last

Cut anything that won’t age well, because you shouldn’t be updating this more than once a year. Consider writing in language that won’t become dated. For example, instead of saying you have 10 years of real estate experience, say you’ve been in the business since 2013. That will still be true next year!

3. Social Media Links Are a MUST

Think of your real estate agent bio as a stable landing page for people who want to learn more about you. In contrast, your social media platforms are windows into your everyday life. Because a great bio will make a reader say, “I’d like to learn more,” offer them that opportunity to peek behind the curtains and see what you’re up to at the moment.

However, you should be selective here. If you don’t regularly engage with your audience on social media, including social links in your bio can be detrimental. Remember to only link to platforms where you spend time online.

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4. Use Your Brokerage’s Clout to Build Your Own

Your brokerage has likely invested a lot of time and money in building its reputation in your community. You can leverage these investments to springboard your professional reputation—building on the good vibes they’ve already established. If their ideals run counter to your own, you’re likely at the wrong brokerage.

If you’re a broker-owner, this is a good place to briefly detail why you opened up your own shop. Read through our own Sean Moudry’s guide to creating an inspiring mission, vision, and values statement for ideas on how to express this in writing.

5. Create Different Versions for Each Setting

On your website, you have plenty of room to wax poetic about how awesome you are to work with. But are you putting the 160 characters under your Twitter handle to the best possible use?

Once you’re happy with your long-form bio, copy and paste it again into the same document and start cutting. Not only will you have a handy bio for the next social media platform you join, but this exercise will also help you focus in on the most vital parts of your bio. You might also consider rewriting your bio in first person (“I’ve been in real estate for 10 years…”) for venues where it makes sense to speak directly to readers.

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6. Write Your First Sentence Last

Once you’ve gotten all the facts and figures out of the way, it’s time to craft an exciting, yet authentic attention-getter. Think of the first sentence of your bio as the first smile or handshake you offer a potential client. Grab their eye with a short declarative statement that encapsulates your personality and approach to real estate.

Don’t use that sentence to meander your way toward your message. Jump right into demonstrating your value and capture your reader’s attention early.

7. Get a Second Opinion

Ask someone else to read your bio before you post it. Not only will you get an extra set of eyes for proofreading purposes, they might also point out opportunities to optimize. Ask them if the bio feels like an accurate representation, and whether or not any phrases or words seem confusing or off-putting.

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Real Estate Bio Templates

These four free real estate bio templates were designed exclusively for our readers. Download these templates or copy them to your clipboard to make them your own.

For New Real Estate Agents

This template is perfect for those without a lot of experience to lean on. Focus on your community ties, your excitement and enthusiasm for real estate, and what you can accomplish for potential clients. If you have relevant experience in a related field (sales, marketing, homebuilding, inspection, etc.) be sure to add a reference to that in the second sentence. If not, you can delete it entirely.

For Successful Real Estate Agents

Your bio isn’t written in stone; you should revisit it around once a year to see what sort of tweaks you can make to sharpen your message and add compelling stats. Here’s a bio template perfect for real estate agents who are coming off a very successful year and want to further that momentum.

Long-form Real Estate Agent Bio Template

Sometimes you’ve got a little more room to write, but that extra space can be intimidating. Here’s a good bio template for times when you have room to really express yourself.

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Short-form Bio Template

Make sure you’re using all your online real estate to the fullest extent possible by having biographical information on each of your social media accounts.

9 Real Estate Bios We Love

Before you dive headfirst into writing (or rewriting) your bio, take a look at these examples of real estate bios from rock star agents and brokers from around the country. Find ways to incorporate their savvy strategies into your new bio.

Want to Outsource Your Real Estate Bio Writing?

If writing a real estate bio is high on your to-do list but you can’t find the time, consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you. Fiverr is a popular source of professional writers willing and able to put together a killer real estate bio for you—for a price as low as five bucks.

Find a Freelancer on Fiverr

Spice Up Your Real Estate Agent Bio With These Buzzwords

One easy trick that will instantly level up your writing is word variety. When readers encounter the same word over and over again, they start to skim or just stop reading entirely. Therefore, if you can switch repeated words out for synonyms, the content will automatically become more engaging.

Scan your bio now to see if there are any glaring repeats, using a thesaurus to replace them with alternatives. Struggling with the perfect description for yourself and what you do? Here are some of our favorite adjectives and descriptors:

Authentic Exemplary Persistent Sophisticated
Capable Experienced Persuasive Sought-after
Caring Friendly Principled Steadfast
Chic Generous Productive Strategic
Community-focused Genuine Purposeful Supportive
Considerate Grateful Qualified Tech-savvy
Consummate Grounded Refreshing Tenacious
Creative Happy Relentless Thorough
Credible Helpful Reliable Thoughtful
Decisive Honest Reputable Tough
Dedicated In the know Resolute Trusted
Dependable Innovative Responsive Trustworthy
Detail-oriented Loyal Savvy Understanding
Determined Mature Seasoned Unfailing
Discerning Meticulous Sensible Unshakeable
Empathetic Modern Sincere Urbane
Energetic Outstanding Skilled Warm
Ethical Patient Skillful Well-rounded
Exceptional Perceptive Smart Well-versed

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Bringing It All Together

Someone who has chosen to read your bio is clearly interested in you. They want to see if you’re a good fit, both personally and professionally, and get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. Why not give them what they’re looking for? 

If you’re authentic and let your personality shine through, your real estate agent bio may serve as the very first step toward a new client relationship that could last for years. Please share any questions you have about writing an effective real estate agent bio in the comments section below.


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